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It's the story of my life...

but it is mine and that's all that matters.

11 May
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Who Is Sarabi?

Once upon a time she used to be quite active on LiveJournal; she had many friends and people who enjoyed reading about her day to day life. She also was apart of a few RPGs on LiveJournal and created loveable and remarkable characters that now only exist in distant memories. She enjoyed sharing her untypical work as a animal handler for her father's movie animal business and liked to share what she learned about the people most only saw on a screen. And yes, she's a Taurus in everyway imaginable.

So, What happened?

It's somewhat of a mystery truth be told. She decided to try life outside of the movie business and despite life florishing for her she slowly but surely forgot about LiveJournal. Even before that some of her friends cut her out of their lives without warning or a explaination. Still Sarabi pressed on and tried to forget the ones who obviously have forgotten her. Then people who normally played in the RPGs stopped playing or even updating their journals. Soon it seemed only a few people that Sarabi knew best were still around. Sarabi's life got busy and she took an unreligious sebatical from LiveJournal trying to pop in every once in awhile for birthdays or just to say hello, but no one commented. Not even those who's birthday Sarabi was wishing! It wasn't long before Sarabi truly felt that people were only friendly with her because of what she did for work. No one has yet to step up and say otherwise on the matter, no one has yet to step up and even say hi for that matter. The desire to return to LiveJournal and her friends that are still around are strong, but is there anyone left that remembers?

Sarabi's Six Simple Rules if You Want to Friend This Journal:

1. Do not talk about me behind my back. I'm a grown woman and can easily handle whatever it is you have to say no matter how nasty you think it is.

2. Never lie to me.

3. I don't make quick judgments on my friends and I rather they did the same for me.

4. Don't be offended by things I say. If you are let me know.

5. Respect me and my other friends.

6. Brassing me off is fine, having a completely different opinion than me is also fine. Insisting that you're right and I'm wrong (unless I am and you can prove it) isn't all that fine at all. I don't mind being proved wrong as long as there is actual proof, but when I know I'm not wrong and you sit there and say I am just doesn't wash at all.

Will she ever return?

She does. Sometimes she let's people know she was there, sometimes she's just a shadow. She isn't sure if she'll return to blogging as she used to or if the LiveJournal version of the Black Lioness has sunk only to live elsewhere; hearts, minds, memories, books....only time will be able to tell for certain.

"People grow up, people grow apart. Interests that were once there have fallen away and been forgotten. But there are still somethings I cannot do without thinking fondly of you."--Sarabi

Long Lost Friends

sarahdocbb"I met the most wonderful person known as Sarabi over a year ago in hogwartsishome. Besides Harry Potter, we have MANY things in common, and she never ceases to make me laugh or melt with what she has to say. She has the most interesting dreams that she generously shares with the rest of us, and she lets us live vicariously through her by telling of the great perks her job has, like going to premieres, award shows, and meeting the people we only dream about. She is a very fun and caring friend, who takes time out to write me letters, and read the ones I send her. I don't know what I would do if I didn't have her to talk to or read about, and I can't wait for the day when we finally get to meet in person and start some crazy adventure together."

rhapsody"Sarabi has the best dreams ever and really makes it too easy to slash her characters!"

devilintraining"Sarabi has about 576 more talents than the average person, and is quite adept at kicking idiot's asses when need be. Another unique trait she possesses is the ability to fly and shoot laserbeams from her eyes. Above all, however, Sarabi is an excellent friend, a good listener, and fun to be around!"

bast-setesh"Sarabi is the best big sister I've ever had, and is AWESOME for being so patient with scatter-brained me who is, like, a MONTH late for remembering to do things like this! Health risks of Sarabi include death from laughter, the desire to walk through fire if she were to need it, and an abnormal desire to slash her characters. XD"

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