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11 August 2009 @ 09:30 am
Remember me?

It's been ages and a day since I last updated or even checked out what people were up to.

Seems like it's been a lot of fics, finding new homes, becoming single, growing hair, letting it all out, getting a new computer with no manual and what have you.

Glad to see not many of you have disappeared as I have done.

Seriously, to tell you what I have been up to wouldn't be exciting in the least. But I'll give it a go:

Yeah, a lot of nothing. LOL

Okay I've finished school, worked, stopped working, decided to try the Atkins, traveled, cried, bleed, looked at new places to move to, wondered about people, tweeted (twitter), planned vacation, lost my brother (he's alive as far as I am aware of), ranted, learned how to deal with mean people and defensive people, shopped, had my car totaled (hail damage no big deal), laughed, rolled my eyes, slept, ate, put computers together, fixed other computers, told someone if they knew so much about computers they can fix it, snarked and lived.

That's almost everything in a nut shell--at least the main events I can remember at the moment. Do note other things have happened, I'm just not recalling them at this exact moment. Not much up there to actually go into any detail about with the small exception of perhaps loosing my brother and "vacation". The last I have heard from my brother in any way was on my birthday, May 11. He usually calls about once a week, but on that last call he told me how he had met a new woman and had moved in with her. I told him that I would be in Colorado the beginning of July and we agreed that we'd meet up as we always do when I am in the area. That day came and went despite the fact that I called him on his new cell number, which he has yet to set up the voice mail to and every call goes straight to it. Texted him, emailed him, what have you. NO response in any form. I did a couple of searches and have come up with a couple of addresses I do not recognize and plan to check out this coming weekend as I head back up into Colorado to visit with Denise at her son's fifth birthday (she now as a baby girl born in January). I guess it won't be until then that I really find out what has happened to him.

Maybe I'll remember to let you all know how that went. As for now, I need breakfast.
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29 April 2009 @ 05:46 pm
No, I am not alive, thanks for asking. :P
05 February 2009 @ 10:23 am
Happy Birthday reidavidson!

I do so hope life is treating you well. Big hugs on your special day.
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04 February 2009 @ 09:58 am
It wasn't the potato chip. *sneeze**cough**crawls back into bed*
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1. Where is your Cellphone?

2. Your significant other?

3. Your hair?

4. Your mother?

5. Your father?

6. Your favourite thing?

7. Your dream last night?

8. Your favourite drink?

9. Your dream/goal?

10. The room your computer is in:

11. Your fear?

12. Where do you want to be in 6 years?

13. Where were you last night?

14. What you're not?

15. Muffins?

16. One of your wish list items?

17. Where you grew up?

18. The last thing you did?

19. What are you wearing?

20. Your TV?

21. Your pet?

22. Your computer?

23. Your life?

24. Your mood?

25. Missing someone?

26. Your car?

27. Something you're not wearing?

28. Favourite Store?

29. Your summer?

I think I may be catching what has been going around the high school up here and that Steve had last week. Then again, it could just be that potato chip I ate yesterday that went down wrong because I swallowed before I was done chewing and it scratched up the back of my throat. I am really hoping that is the case here because I do not like to be sick. I still have to work on my Archaeology that is due tomorrow. Sadly I just do not feel up to the challenge at the moment because I didn't sleep well last night and just really want to crawl back into bed and just watch season five of House MD instead of thinking about what to write for Archaeology. Still need to do some more reading on it, so maybe I will do that, but I could possibly fall asleep...not because the material is boring, but because I am tired. My temperature is 97.5 which is on the other side of normal. I have absolutely no idea what that means.
01 February 2009 @ 09:36 pm
I whole heartedly disagree with the referees on a few things tonight. Just a few. And I completely disagree with players from the Steelers sportsmanship. Yes, I'm looking right at you James Harrison. Sportsmanship is half of a game, any game and it felt like every time the AZs got anywhere a Steeler would throw a fit over it and try to start a fight! The rulebook says that if any player throws a punch at another player at anytime for any reason that player is to be thrown OUT of the game. That didn't happen twice. There were two Steelers who threw punches and yet was still in the game. I for one (and many other others I know) do not believe that the Steelers earned that win at all.

The game was fun to watch and although my personal favorite team wasn't in the game, I had to root for the Arizona Cardinals. They did some AMAZING plays tonight! Larry Fitzgerald and his great touchdown that brought the Cards to the lead by three points being quite a rememberable one. We were screaming when we saw him get that pigskin and run for it. It is after all, what we wanted; the Cards in the lead. But then I think they got a wee bit too confident even for only having five minutes (or less) left in the game and we all know a lot can happen in just five minutes! So many things happened that made me groan and yell. Both at the Cardinals and Steelers.

But now, I am tired and filled with junk food.
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30 January 2009 @ 12:31 pm
ninja kitty! (ignore naughty ads!)
30 January 2009 @ 11:35 am
In 2009 the government will start deporting all the mentally ill people.
I started crying when I thought of you.
Run my little crazy friend, run!
Well, what can I say?? Someone sent it to me, and damn it, I'm NOT going alone!
30 January 2009 @ 07:51 am
Happy Birthday awesomeness!!!
Hope your day is filled with awesome!
26 January 2009 @ 11:12 am
The first five people to respond to this post will get something made by me! My choice. For you.

This offer does have some restrictions and limitations:

- What I create will be just for you.
- I make no guarantees that you will like what I make!
- You will receive your item before the end of the year (or sooner).
- You will have no clue what the item is going to be. It could be a story or poetry. It could be a piece of handmade jewelry or an art doll*. I may draw, paint, collage or knit something. I might bake you something and mail it to you. Who knows? Not you, that's for sure!
- I reserve the right to do something extremely strange.

The catch? Oh, the catch is that you have to repost this meme and make and send out five surprises of your own.

Ready, set, make! :)

Now that I've got that out of the way.....

There is much to be said about what has been going on in my little life, I do realize I haven't said very much on it at all except for a few school related things here and there. I am not quite sure where to begin....

I want to tell you all that I'm dating someone and have been for quite a while now but that old instinct of mine to not share those sort of details keep kicking in. Which is why I haven't really said anything about it here until now. He's not on LJ although he does know I have an account here and knows about a few of you and obviously about the whole Black Lioness thing. In a strange way I feel like I'm not the same person who showed up here at LJ back in 2004..I can feel that I'm different. I've peeled off the shell that I had been wearing for years when I decided to take a different career path then what I was on and move completely away from all the Hollywood stuff. I no longer am required to keep things close to the vest and have a fear of bad press because I did or said something wrong in a place where that sort of thing is noticed. I'm not in those places any longer and have successfully assumed a new identity, so to speak. I don't worry about pulling other people into that world where very few make it and can be crushed by it. It's not my world. Granted, I also don't have an all access pass to those places that I liked to talk about (Oscars being a prime example) but I feel a lot better not being apart of that than I did when I was apart of that. I almost feel like I should start a new journal, but I sort of like this one and the people connected to it. I still get insider information and advance copies of things, but I am no longer submersed in that world and therefore I am not being strangled by it.

I won't blame you if you decide that because I am not apart of that world that you can no longer be my friend. I probably won't even notice if you no longer have me on your friends list or you're not on mine. I won't even say anything if I do notice. I've already watched the people I knew day to day slowly disappear and I am alright with that because the people I really enjoy are still around...in some way. It is what happens when you wipe the slate clean and start rebuilding again. The past is what it is and will always be there in some way and that is good. Who knows, there may come a day when I actually decide to go back to that life but in a different way. I still love acting, I still love animals--those will probably never change. I'm just happy I survived with enough of my brain still intact. At least I think I did...

And moving on, hello to Simon who I bombarded out of the blue. Somehow reading a meme on his journal (that I've done below) kick started everything above. Although I don't think one can completely look to Simon as the cause...Sarah is apart of it too. :P No hate, just love....

The Significant Other memeCollapse )

.........okay so I'm sort of at a loss of what to say now that I've dropped that bombshell....I almost want to ask "Any questions?" because I feel like there just might be some. I'm also hungry. I don't really know what I'm going to do next actually. There is a lot that you don't know. *deep breath* On the bright side, I like Simon....he's absolutely perfect for Sarah and I can't be happier for my First Mate if I created the man myself. Which in all fairness would be really weird. I'm also a little shy about meeting Sarah. I mean we haven't made any plans, but Steve (the bf in case I didn't mention that one) is really for going down to Texas sometime to hang out with her. He keeps bugging me about it and I keep pushing it away. Nothing against you Sarah my love, just.....the whole past thing. *shrug* Guess I should end it here before I find myself in a hole with no way out. :)
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