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16 January 2011 @ 10:29 pm
*Pulls off the dust cloths*  
*and chokes on the dust*

Well hello there. It's been quite a long time since I have wandered this way for this journal. Funny enough a strange anonymous comment on my last post here is what brought me around as I was deeply confused on it's content, but hey, people are deliciously strange.

Do I get props for at least remembering my password on here? Do I?

So who is still around and active? Or maybe the real question is who is still talking to me? Apparently I pissed a few of you off a few years ago and none of you have grown a pair to let me know what exactly it was that I did....or maybe it was something I didn't do? No freaking idea. But hey! I don't really care anymore.

Not really sure what I'm going to do with this thing. Perhaps I'll start writing in it again. Perhaps I'll make new friends and have some new fun. Or maybe I'll just let it sit and rot. It's anyone's guess really.

So a quick rundown on what's been going on with me...if you are still reading, I assume you care.

I am still in New Mexico. We are now the new Hollywood and yes I have been doing some projects but not behind the scenes. I don't do what I did before, I am on screen as an extra in the select few shows shot here. And you know more movies are being filmed here then ever before. I don't do this as a full time thing, just a here and there type thing.

Parents moved back to California quite awhile ago. All the animals went with them except for Memnoch, she's with me.

I'm in a long term relationship with a "normal" guy. No one anyone will have heard of...unless you're close to me. But none of you currently are anymore. We're getting married October 1, 2011 at 3pm in Las Cruces NM. My engagement ring is a blue diamond. I adore it.

I'm getting ready to finally go to court for my son Travis. Amiel has left him to live with his great-grandmother while he went out and got remarried (again) and is in the process of adopting his new wife's 3 year old son. According to Travis he sees his dad on weekends if he is lucky and on holidays. I am going to see if Amiel will allow me to have Travis this summer in which I will ask Travis how he would feel about coming to live with me in New Mexico after sixth grade.

Going to have some major surgery in the coming months to fix my stomach.

I took out my nipple rings after walking around Sam's Club and running into fiance's elbow getting shocked right on the nipple. It hurt enough that I decided they're not that important to me anymore. Not sure why I got them pierced to begin with.

I have a teenager who will become my step-son who is spoiled just enough that he is happy but not enough to make him a brat. I drag him to many of my shoots when possible and he enjoys being an extra. I also got a neice to go with my nephew. She's a sweetheart and shares my love of My Little Pony.

I am still working on that next bestseller. I've gotten some new muses and have added quite a few new television shows to my must watch list.

I am now going to bed.
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Sarabijekylls_bast on April 15th, 2011 02:24 pm (UTC)
Sayosida, now why would I do that? I don't know you and you have no entries or userinfo. You're just another spammer, so do us all a favor and get lost.