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10 December 2009 @ 02:49 pm
Changes everywhere....  
Yes, yes, it is I the long lost whats-her-name again.

Perhaps this time I am ready to stay and get back into things again. It certainly has been a long time coming, I mean my last regular post here (not counting the few times I dropped in and said something) was about a year ago. Perhaps a little longer than that. Much has happened as things tend to do and much has not been talked about as I am known to do. But I feel that the past doesn't really matter, everyone is getting better, things are moving on, surgeries need to be done and life can perhaps go back to normal.

Meh. Who knew one little thing could make the world tumble down around you? Or at least feel that way.

It's interesting to see just how many people have NOT removed me from their flists. Seriously I thought like the whole lot of you would have removed me by now. 29 of you still have me around. Thank you.

So, my latest discovery is the fact I still have a deep seeded love for My Little Pony. Specially the ones made in the first Generation years (1981-1992) and the third Generation--ones that were made from 2003 until this year. The new look Hasbro has released for 2009 are not ponies. They say they are ponies, but they are clearly not ponies. They're bad monstrosities. B-A-D. These are actually worst than the Generation two monstrosities (1997-1999) that looked like ugly four legged reptiles. These look like inflated egos or something. I just wanna pop them like a zit. Maybe then they would go away. It's sad really, I have just gotten back into MLP and they go and change the look of them. Figures. Although in less than a month I have managed to get my hot little hands on 28 G1 ponies (out of the 225 that I want), 9 G1s I didn't want but will keep, 5 G1s I plan on selling and 21 G3 ponies. Not bad huh? And these have been gifted/sold to me by various sweet MLP people I have met at a couple of different forums. I have only once scored any ponies from a thrift shop and I won't even try anymore to get them off of eBay.

I created a new site, The Black Lioness that has a lot of my old fan fiction stories, some links, things I'm selling...you know all the fun stuff.

This has taken me far to long to write and it's far to short. But for now I am taking a freaking break. I've updated the look of my LJ as well as my profile page, so check them out sometime.
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